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Why Choose BFI?

carpenter working on drum

There are many compelling reasons to work for BFI, from the challenging projects and excellent pay and benefits to opportunity for advancement to foreman and beyond. And we have a great track record of keeping our people busy.

BFI has an excellent, nearly 30-year-long track record of employing high-quality certified tradespeople in the heavy industrial construction sector. BFI offers its employees the opportunity to build a challenging and rewarding career in a company with an excellent track record.

BFI supports its employees in moving through their training and education, passing all their courses and progressing from apprentice to journeyman. Not only will you have access to advice, information and mentoring from some of the construction industry’s most experienced foremen, general foremen and construction superintendents – but at BFI, we’ll actually pay you to complete your training!

Benefits for BFI’s trade employees are provided by the unions, and we have a competitive and comprehensive benefits package for our hourly and salary employees.

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