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How Do You Fit?

Take our short quiz below to find out if the unionized heavy industrial construction sector right for you. Think each question over carefully, and be honest with yourself.

Do I like to work with my hands?

Am I strongly attracted to one particular trade?

Do I have the ability to perform required tasks safely and to a high level of quality?

Am I fully committed to working in this trade for a number of years and, potentially, my entire career?

Am I comfortable joining a union and following its rules and standards?

Can I adapt to changing conditions – like different work settings, different types of projects and harsh weather, often in undeveloped areas?

Am I willing to travel to remote locations for work?

Can I handle living in camp?

Can my family and I both handle my being away from home for 14 days at a time?

Can I work with a diverse range of people who have different personalities, come from different background and have different levels of work experience?

Do I have a positive attitude towards work, colleagues, supervisors and, where applicable, camp life?

Am I motivated, honest, and willing to work hard in return for good pay and benefits?

Do I care not only about my own safety, but that of everyone else I work with?

If you answered “yes” in most cases, this industry – and BFI in particular – might just be a good fit.

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